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Kingswood School Lodge No 4197

Lodge Officers

KSL Crest

Officers of the Lodge for 2016 - 2017

The Officers of the Lodge are elected and appointed at the Installation Meeting which is held each year in Febraury on the last Friday.

Whilst as in every Lodge there is a progression to the Office of Worshipful Master, several of the Offices are filled by the same experianced Brothers for several years. Thus they tend to be re-apointed by a number of succesive Masters

The Worshipful Master for 2016 - 2017 is

W Bro Niel Dowdney, TD, DL.

He has appointed the following Officers

Office Brother email
Senior Warden Bro. John Kershaw
Junior Warden Bro. David A. Featherstone
Chaplain W. Bro. Revd. Martin D. Charles, LGR PPrSD (Leics & Rut)
Treasurer W. Bro. Brett Clark, PAGSuptWks treasurer@
Secretary W. Bro. Mark D. Haley, SLGR LGCR secretrary@
Director of Ceremonies W. Bro.TBA
Almoner W. Bro. Revd. Martin D. Charles, LGR PPrSD (Leics & Rut)
Charity Steward W. Bro. Sean M. Fear PM
Lodge Mentor W. Bro. Michael Jakins SLGR PPGReg (Somerset) PPGReg (Oxford)
Senior Deacon W. Bro. Simon McIlwaine LGR SLGCR
Junior Deacon Bro. Andrew James Graham
Assistant DC W. Bro. John Fenoughty LGR
Assistant Secretary W. Bro. Jonathan Bullock, LGR
Inner Guard Bro. Graham Mark Peerless
Chief Steward W. Bro. Jonathan Bullock
Steward W. Bro. Leslie Francis McDonnell
Steward Bro. Nicholas Meekins
Steward Bro. Christian Hall
Steward Bro. Jack Paul Sims
Organist W. Bro. Brett Clark, PAGSuptWks
Tyler W. Bro. Andrew Haynes PGStdB

Additonally the following appointments

Role Brother email
Lodge Chapter Rep W. Bro. Sean M. Fear PM
Federation Correspondant W. Bro. Michael Jakins federation@

The full email of each offiers is ....@kingswoodschoollodge.org.uk